Come Out From Hiding and UNFOLD Thyself!

Come Out From Hiding and UNFOLD Thyself!

Think about a time whenever you had a valuable idea written down on a piece of paper, and you folded it and put it up in your wallet, purse, or a book. Sometimes we forget about a piece of paper like that, and we go on with life until a situation arises in which we go back to those ideas on that paper. Well, like that piece of paper, we tend to fold ourselves up along with our ideas, talents and dreams. We shut ourselves down in fear of what people think or say and because of our hang-ups. We settle for average in life, and watch our dreams drift away. Time escapes us and we end up at our wits end while embracing hopelessness.

If you find that you’ve been in this situation, it’s time to unfold yourself! How long are you going to waste time in fear, holding back the greatness in you? How long should you forget your purpose and the people that need your gifts and talents? I will now go into 3 reasons why we fold ourselves and how to unfold into our purpose:

1. Intimidation:
So many of us are being held hostage by bullies who intimidate us along with people who see our potential and try to win power over us. They push over on us and make us feel like we are worthless, stupid, useless, and weak. We tend to cower into a corner with our ideas, and faint from fighting these giants. This causes us to resolve to support everyone else’s ideas while forsaking our own, and developing bitterness and resentment over the years because we weren’t able to stand up against those who intimidated us and “shut us down”.

a. Overcoming Intimidation: In order to unfold yourself and overcome intimidation, you must weigh the balances appropriately and consider the source. Choose not to make the issues bigger than what they really are. In addition, continue to remind yourself of your value and how you ARE needed in spite of what the voices of intimidation will shout at you. Furthermore, replace the message of intimidation with a message of hope and purpose for the future! As I mentioned in my book series “How to Overcome Obstacles from Your Past”, the best is yet to come for you so you don’t have time to listen to the voice of intimidation!

2. Fear: When I was a homeless student in the homeless shelter for 2 years in high school, I was encouraged by a leader named Barbara who always said that FEAR is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. There’s a big FEAR that says, “What if people don’t receive my ideas?” or, “What if I’m rejected and or humiliated?” These fears are real issues that we all face and must acknowledge in order to move forward. Fear is the great paralyzing element that keeps us “Stuck” for years, feeling like we are bound and like our hands are tied. It causes the gut wrenching feeling in our stomachs that makes us feel like we will be doomed if we step out with a risk and apply ourselves and share our ideas.

a. Overcoming Fear: In order to overcome fear, we must first face it dead on with a “What if this fear doesn’t come true?” and choose to hope in our expectations of a great dream coming to pass. Wayne Gretsky mentions how we miss “100% of the shots we DON’T take.” I love this saying because it shows all of us that no matter what the situation, there’s always potential. Living in fear will not help you or the others that you were called to serve. Fear will lock down your purpose and get your focus off of your destiny and what truly matters. It’s time to take off your fear like you’d take off a coat, and put on hope and expectation in your gifts and purpose. Who knows what greatness will come out of you whenever you try? It’s worth a shot, so go take off that fear and unfold yourself!

3. People’ Opinions:
The opinions of others hold so much weight in our hearts and minds that we will go against what we desire to do in order to please everyone else. We will take counsel from others who are older and have been in our area of expertise longer. Then, we take their advice while striving against what we felt is right in our gut to do. Unfortunately, we look back in regret for listening to others as our opportunities fade away with the wind.

a. Overcoming People’s Opinions: To successfully overcome people’s opinions, we must consider the need and urgency for our dreams, goals and desires to come to pass. We can’t afford to take on a mundane, stoic-type attitude about fulfilling our purpose. Hence, we must care more about our purpose than the opinions of people. We have people we are called to help and if we don’t rise up and take our dreams by the horns, they might perish from our lack of action.

I can remember times when I went to speak for an organization as a keynote speaker that I would tense up and worry about what the audience would think if I shared something about my life that I knew could help them but I was a bit embarrassed about. I had to overcome the opinions of people at moments like these and share anyway in order to help someone who’s tried everything and might be at the point of giving up hope in life. I can testify that when I went with my gut and did what was right and pursued those very things that I felt people wouldn’t esteem well, great things came out of it. Furthermore, I learned to shut down the voices of people who I cared greatly about who gave me advice contrary to what I thought and it paid off. Hence, let me encourage you to love people, but shut down the opinions of those who are speaking contrary to what you are dreaming or pursuing to accomplish, and unfold yourself again!


When you consider our life span as a human race, time is passing us by QUICKLY! Time is too precious for us to sit on these valuable talents and ideas because of intimidation, fear, and people’s opinions. You are one of a kind, and the world needs you whether you feel like it does or not. Nobody can duplicate you or replace you. Thus, it’s time for you to unfold yourself so you can accomplish your purpose and fulfill your destiny while helping others!! What do you have to lose? If anything, you can do nothing but win, so choose to unfold thyself again!!

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