Lead On!

Lead On!

As leaders, we are entering into a new dimension! Those dreams are beginning to manifest, and we are finding ourselves in situations that are allowing promises to come to pass. Additionally, there has been a need for leadership to rise up like never before. Students will need mentors; people will need counseling and direction; and the list goes on and on.

Hence, I want to encourage you and say that it is time to lead On! No more hindrances for you! It’s time to plan and prepare for a great harvest of expectations! This is the time to make it happen! With an effective and flexible leadership team, you can accomplish many things so GO FOR IT!

Here are some tips on leading effectively:

L: Listen to Authority- Sometimes, you can have multiples ideas and desires mustered within that you want to proceed with. However, you must learn to listen to your authority. Authority sees the big picture and understands EXACTLY where you fit in. If you overstep authority or ignore the voice of authority, it can cause you to spend time on fixing mistakes and redeeming the time. (If that’s happened to you, be encouraged for there is still hope in your second chance  ) Learn to support authority, and support the vision and mission of the team. Teamwork makes the dream work and there is no I in team..

E: Execute the Vision and the Plan-   Many people have dreams and visions, however, few effectively execute them. This is what causes frustration on any team. Some people lack the ability to effectively execute and hence, they are stuck with tires going full force while remaining parked in the same place. Then, this breeds unnecessary envies and jealousies on teams and within companies that slow down the vision and mission of everyone. In order to avoid these distractions and unnecessary emotions, we must act with a plan, set goals, deadlines and support everyone on the team. Just because someone on your team is a Rockstar does not mean that you cannot support them; get over any uneasiness and pat them on the back! You cannot fulfill the vision and mission by yourself. Join others and learn your role. As you execute and support others who are doing the same, you will begin to see mountains move for you and your team!


A: Ask Questions- How can you tread new territory without asking questions? How can you move forward in areas in which you haven’t mastered? Therefore, it is imperative to ask questions when accomplishing a new task. There have been people who have pioneered a movement, school, business or ideas that would help fill in the gaps. However, you must acknowledge them, RESPECT them, and move forward WITH THEM in your ear. The future can only unfold in the right direction as you see where you came from coupled with where you are going. Ask questions so you can make wise plans and see a vision unfold into greatness.

D: Don’t Stop Leading! -As leaders, we tend to get into a rut where things are going smoothly, and then we want to cruise through the vision. We get tired of pushing and tired of direction. Listening becomes a pain and we begin to filter out essential information. I encourage you now, DON’T STOP! Don’t stop leading, listening, practicing patience, executing, CARING, planning, dreaming, encouraging, supporting, declaring, motivating, claiming, envisioning, communicating…..DON’T STOP! All of your leadership skills are tactful and are critical in bringing about the vision. Don’t be afraid now, go for it full force!

With that said, I encourage you to Lead On! The best is still yet to come for you and your team. Thanks for letting me share. Lead On!

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