You are Only As Great As Your Help to Others! – Pay it Forward!

As I read multiple abstracts, dissertations and etc. as an educational leader, I realize that my efforts can all be summed up into the mere fact that I exist simply to help others. Reading about the expulsion “Zero Tolerance” policy that’s been implemented in schools has helped me to understand that there is an ongoing need in schools across the nation to help the future generation.

On the other hand, I also realize that I can’t just point out the deficit that our nation faces; I must serve as a soldier for the sake of education, fighting a battle of poverty, injustice and poor decision making from our youth. I know that I can’t do it alone; I must work with a team who has a heart that beats to see the best for our students.

I stop and think of my life and my struggle of homelessness during adolescence beyond my control. The only way I was able to strive through that dark chapter was by the help of the community which consisted of caring teachers and a caring mentor who I now call “Mama Sharon.” If it weren’t for people like Mama Sharon and my teachers, I would have been a mere statistic. The possibilities are limitless as to what dread my life could have turned out to be and the many facets of danger I was spared from by the grace of God.

However, there are other “Indias” and young scholars out there who fall prey to unfortunate circumstances as they study towards obtaining a higher education. Sometimes, they misunderstand cultural appropriation and end up making choices that they can never erase from their record. Seeing that these situations are sensitive and real, we as leaders, whether stakeholders, educational leaders, voices of influence in secular or spiritual realm must MAKE A CHOICE to pay it forward and help the next generation. There is only so much “glory” that comes from a successful person who never reaches back and extends a helping hand to a younger soul who is trying to figure it out in this BIG world.

Hence, I want to encourage you as well as myself, to be greater men and women than what we are. Let’s reach out and help someone else. Honestly, we are only as great as how far we reach out to help others. Think about it: Why was Mother Theresa revered so much? It’s because she GAVE her ALL to everyone else no matter what it cost her. She was unselfish about how much she gave. She didn’t complain about the PROCESS that she endured while helping out; she just buckled down and made success and comfort happen for others while sacrificing her own sense of convenience.

It’s time for the leaders of our nation to rise up and pay it forward! Whether we decide to mentor, contribute financially, provide direction in a career path, or more, we are needed in this hour. We must not forsake our responsibility to give back to others; for this is necessary for everyone who strives to be greater than they are.

If I could say it with all of the passion that lies within me to you as you read this: We need your hand extended so our future can succeed. If not, we will all suffer in some fashion or another. My heart yearns for the success of our nation, which lies on the shoulders of the future scholars. Please don’t think that your voice doesn’t matter or your sense of influence is dim. You never know whose fire you are able to spark or who is waiting to run with the torch that you’ve carried effectively for so long.

Let’s make a decision to help the future generations into success! We are needed, and as a nation, we can only accomplish this task together as we push our future scholars into their destiny.

Thanks for letting me share. Let’s become great together as we extend a helping hand to others!

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