Accomplishing Success through the GRIT in You!

Grit is defined in the dictionary as “courage and strength in character”.
Every day, we implement a specific amount of grit in our lives. In order to produce tasks required of us, it is necessary. GRIT is a skill that is developed over time, and must be cherished as a gift made to build ourselves and help others.

Without GRIT, we lose the basics of motivation, and tend to find ourselves in a rut. We will accomplish tasks, but out of an attitude that is a bit sluggish. We will lack the “drive” that will catapult us into reaching the goals we set for each day. GRIT is the element that keeps us from settling for less each day. Through GRIT, we overcome the urge to be average and a mindset that would keep us in the mundane of remedial tasks we complete.

So, how can we take effective use of our everyday GRIT?

1. Stand for what you know is right and execute it!
a. When you are making use of GRIT, you must choose to put down any thoughts or obstacles that would tempt you to sit back in a corner and not act on what you desire to do, or on what you must do in order to bring about a great result on a project or task. It’s not enough to know what is right and to sit back and allow wrong to happen, or to fall short on our tasks.

2. Grind when it’s tough!
a. It’s difficult at times to continue moving forward, especially when it feels like there is no noticeable progress. However, through GRIT, you will be able to accomplish great tasks and get it done when it seems like it was almost impossible.

3. Initiate!
a. GRIT gives you the ability to initiate goals that you’ve promised that you were going to execute for so long. It’s the difference between saying we are going to perform a task to actually making it happen! You will leave the world of regret and frustration to actually taking pride in the fact that you accomplished what you said you would accomplish.

4. Eliminate Excuses!
a. With GRIT we see the importance of having a purpose accomplished and for taking action to help others. When there is a sense of urgency to make a difference and to do what we know we were created to, we must eliminate excuses. GRIT has the ability to override every excuse so we are able to thrive at every task set before us!

As I digress, I hope you’ve been able to take this excerpt and see how you can accomplish your goals, eliminate excuses and make it happen for every area of your life through effectively using the GRIT in you! It’s time for you to own your dreams and to walk in success!! You can do it! Make it happen through the GRIT in you!

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