You Need to Believe in Yourself Again!

Life happens to all of us, and sometimes it causes us to end up in the lane of “should-have”, where we beat ourselves up for things we should have done. We feel condemned when we look back and we live in regret, never forgiving ourselves for missed opportunities, and mistakes we’ve made. This puts us in a whirlwind of emotions, confusion and depression, in which can become our norm.

In order to overcome this state of being and perspective, we must believe in ourselves again. You might ask, “India, where do I start on this journey? How can I believe in myself after all the hiccups in my life?” Well, let me encourage you with some simple tips for believing in yourself again:

1. Remove All Doubt!
When your mind is consumed with thoughts of doubt, it’s hard for you to look up and feel inspired to try anything new or to continue executing previous projects that you already have. Seeing you have too much purpose to wallow in doubt, you must learn to shake it off, pick up your hope, and believe again!

2. Forgive Yourself!
What is done has been done and what was said has been said. You are not perfect, and you never will be. Also, remember, everyone makes mistakes and falls into ruts from time to time. Setbacks are a part of success, so learn from your mistakes, and forgive yourself so you can run towards your goals and make progress again!

3. Forget the past!
Every moment you spend thinking about the past is a moment you are wasting that could have been spent on the future. What can you change about your past? Nothing. Can you justify your past issues or situations and make them look acceptable so that others will think you are okay? Sure you could but why does this matter when you have so much to accomplish in the future. Your past has been written and cannot be changed. However, you don’t have to be a victim of it, nor live your future through the lens of your past.

4. Look Forward!
When we drive a car, we know it is essential that we must look forward in order to make progress in our journey. Similarly, we must recognize that we have too much to achieve in order to not look forward. Looking forward is the key to unlock you from the prison of the past, people’s opinions and shortcomings!

5. Consider Your Victories!
Sometimes, we can feel like we are a total “loser” if we do not stop and take time to consider our victories. If you were so “horrible”, you wouldn’t have achieved as much as you have at this point in your life. Your everyday victories, and great victories of your past are to be celebrated and appreciated as you continue to increase hope and belief in your progress.

6. Let GO of shame, self-inflicted hurt and move beyond it!
Shame comes on all of us and can make us feel like we need to run and hide on an island by ourselves. It’s the stamp of justified rejection and when we run with it, all encouragement, courage and effort goes out the door. In order to move forward and believe in yourself again, you’ve got to wipe the shame off, lift up your head again and remind yourself that you are human and your last chapter hasn’t been written YET. Better days are still ahead for you and greater opportunities are a certainty.

7. Think about your Competency and Talents
Consider every talent you have and your ability to show competency at various tasks. It’s time to narrow your focus on your talents and abilities so you can strategically put those to work and accomplish your goals. This will fuel your ability to believe again and to pursue with GRIT and stamina!

To conclude, when you begin implementing these tips, you will begin to believe in yourself again and eliminate negative voices and perspectives and take charge of your life again! Remember, nothing is accomplished when you wallow in regret, doubt, and shame. It’s time to put down everything that is fighting your success including negative thoughts so you can believe in yourself again!

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