It’s Time to Take Out the Trash: Detoxing from ALL Negativity! – India White

Can you imagine seeing an eagle in the sky with a garbage back tied around its ankle, or an ankle brace as it aims to soar the skies? Well, I know you’re probably thinking, “Poor bird, someone needs to free that bird of the baggage so it can fly!” Guess what: that’s EXACTLY the purpose of my post for you today!

As we end the year, it’s imperative that we begin planning for a phenomenal New Year, and that we link up with people that need us and that we desire to be with. HOWEVER, We must make sure that we are taking the appropriate steps as we prepare:

  1. We Must Choose to Forgive- Holding on to petty grudges of 5 to 10 years ago is doing nothing but burdening your spirit. Forgive people who have betrayed you, tried to ruin your reputation, stole your business ideas, stabbed you in the back, created wedges in healthy relationships and more. We must understand that not everybody is spiritually or mentally healthy. Listen, everyone will fail in some fashion or another. Furthermore, even among those who should be shining examples to the world, there “godly” persons are dealing with much mental illness and emotionally baggage that has caused them to miss the mark in becoming all that God desires for them to be. Hence, you’ll find that sometimes people in general can be confusing advertisement for who they say they are and what they claim to represent. We must choose to forgive them for falling short and also remember that we also have fallen short. 
  2. Cut these folks off!
    1. You will find that as an eagle soars the skies, they will run into peasants, pelicans, buzzards, and other sorts of flock. Remember that birds of a feather flock TOGETHER. Listen, if people come into your life and the VIBE Is OFF: Run for your life! Some of these people are simply pigeons and buzzards trying to take from you, whether its an idea, a business opportunity, a relationship or just to DRAIN your spirit. If you find that AFTER you hang out with a particular person or group and you feel like “all you do is give” and never receive back, it’s time to cut the cords! If they never invest in you or celebrate your success- they are probably envious, jealous or just bitter because they are slacking in their destiny.  Guess what! You don’t have time for this foolishness! CUT THEM OFF!
    2. Burying Your Talent for Them- If you have to constantly  BEG for acceptance and to be considered in a project, or in an opportunity, even service to your community or your church or etc, it’s time to wake up and move on! It is not the will of God that after you’ve presented your talent that you have to deal with controlling and insecure partners who will not allow you to blossom into the great person that God has shown you. You might be asking, “How do I conquer this?” My response: move forward to the audience that is celebrating you! That means you might have to go live on social media, YouTube, or etc. STOP WAITING AROUND FOR PEOPLE TO ENDORSE YOU! It just won’t happen because people are people.
    3. Hurt People Hurt People- You might be hanging around someone because they’ve been hurt and you empathize with them. Guess what: until they are willing to be released from the hurt and move forward, they will find a means to  HURT you. Yes, you! Even if you are their #1 fan. This my friends is what will leave you questioning how you got into particular situations when you saw the RED FLAGS!” However, maybe this post will help you move forward now before you are hurt even more by those who are bleeding inside. This is probably one of the toughest things to do, to let go of someone who is hurting. However, if they want you in their lives, they will return to you for business, relationship or etc when they can see clearly and realize that you were actually good for them. 
    4.  Jealous or Envious – These people are interesting lol. Why interesting? Because some will approach you knowing that they will never support you and that if they could kill you, they would. You must mark these people and learn to play the game until they fade away. If you aren’t sure whether or not someone is jealous or envious, here’s a test: Tell them about a recent promotion, or something you purchased, or etc. See what the response is…if they aren’t celebrating you, they are probably jealous or envious. Another thing to look for: Did they just try to copy your brand? Are they trying to steal your clients and post up  your ideas as their own? If so, watch out! You need to understand that these frenemies are waiting to strike. So, how do you deal with these people who are held hostage by jealous and envy? Pray for them, celebrate them but NEVER tell them your next move. If you choose to keep them around, it will be a burden…it would be best to move forward into the new year WITHOUT them.
    5.  In COMPETITION With You! Ugh…lol. These folks here….I don’t know why some people are so hurt inside that they feel like they always have to be #1 in EVERYTHING.. However, I am no longer naΓ―ve and realize that people are like this in today’s world. Hence, when you realize someone is in competition with you, how do you handle it? Answer: Take away the competition and let them win. LOL. Just walk away from their pettiness. Why? If you don’t they will try to raise your blood pressure with all of their new ideas, events, relationships, and etc. You don’t have time for that. Stay focused on what God is doing and be PLEASED with HIM saying well done in your life. If you life as unto the Lord, who cares what everyone else is doing? This will surely put your mind and wasted energies at rest.
    6.  Insecure – An insecure man or woman is not confident in themselves. Hence, they spend thousands of dollars to look like a million bucks (I’m not talking getting dolled up every now in then which is good- this is excessive due to their insecurity and self-hatred). They also tear down EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that “shows them up” in any way or fashion. This could be in business, relationship and kingdom. Therefore, when dealing with an insecure person, help them out by NOT telling them about what God is doing for you and of your latest projects. Just let them see you posted later on in life πŸ™‚ You can’t trust an insecure person, because unless they get the victory, they will strike against you sooner or later. Sorry to spill these beans, but it’s just true.
    7. Just can’t put my finger on it “Vibe”- Listen, when you gut is telling you something is off, or you have a discernment, you need to trust it and listen to it. I don’t care how many people are praising that person or that company- if your spirit is telling you that they aren’t for you, then they aren’t for you. Move forward without them. 
    8. Enemies- Sometimes we have enemies/haters around just because its good business πŸ™‚ However, where God is taking some of us, it’s not a good idea to have them around as you’re trying to soar. How can you tell whether you have an enemy or no? Let them show you their TRUE colors- then, believe them and MARK them as an enemy. Believe me, bad blood is bad blood and there’s nothing you can do to change this. This is why the Bible speak of enemies and even says “Thou prepares a TABLE before me in the presence of mine ENEMIES.” Sometimes, we have to come out of the clouds and know that an enemy is an enemy and move on without them.  I don’t care if they are in church with you, in business with you or in the same circle of influence as you- mark them!
    9.  You Can’t Succeed Because I Didn’t- WOW. I know many of you are reading this and can relate. Some people tell you that you’re too young to be that successful, that educated or that happy.  Or, because THEY had to wait 20 years before they started, so do you. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. This TOXIC mindset will have you carrying unnecessary baggage and missing opportunities for YEARS! Ugh to them and keep it moving. How do you handle old mindsets like this? Keep your accomplishments and dreams to yourself; these people will NOT help you move ahead. Don’t be deceived. They are stuck and choose to be and they want you there too. Just move forward and leave them behind.  Crabs will remain in the Crabpot- You don’t have time for that. You have greatness to purse, so release yourself while you have the chance!
  3. Stay Focused- You are getting ready to press into a NEW year where the Sky is the limit! It’s time to write the vision and make it plain! Get ready to prepare for your destiny like never before. Find you tribe and get ready to dance as you see it all unfold before your eyes. Proclaim what you want, because that is what you’ll get!


As you press forward into a NEW year and a NEW mindset, please feel free to take these tokens with you. I wish you nothing but the best as you move forward.  The best is yet to come. For those of you that receive me and my energy, may GOD grant you 100 fold blessing! To every enemy, you’re in the LORD’s hands πŸ™‚

Have a blessed holiday season and remember, this NEW year is FILLED with wonderful opportunities just for you!

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