There’s More to You Than Meets the Eye!

Imagine driving on the road and forgetting to put gas in your tank before a 5 mile trip. Your gas light turns on and you begin to panic, hoping that the car doesn’t run out of gas. The gas light is signaling that you will run out of gas. Then, as you continue to drive, the gas needle goes below the “E” bar, and you are sweating and using all the faith you have to get you to the next gas station. Fortunately, you make it just in time to fill up your gas tank and you exhale in great relief and joy. You didn’t think your car would pull you through that time of uncertainty because the facts said that you were out of gas and you tested the waters. However, you made it through!

Have you ever felt like that tank of gas? Operating below empty, giving all of yourself to others and to your community in hopes that you won’t burn out? Have you felt like you were about to crash with the last project or effort you put on the job? Well, I’m here to encourage and remind you that there’s more to you than meets the eye! There’s more effort than you think you have, and you have more to contribute than you can soundly reason. So, instead of fainting and giving up, continue to put forth your best effort and know that there’s more to you than you think!

Here are Some Tips to Encourage You to Give More!

  1. Don’t Faint! When you feel like fainting, that is not the time to give up. That is time to exceed what you thought you were able to do! Go a little further, and exceed your expectations!
  2. Stretch Yourself! Stop settling at a point where you feel like you are at your breaking point. Know that you can produce even more if you just keep a winning mindset and stretch yourself!
  3. Think Positively! Many times, the battle is in our minds. If we think we can, then we know we can. If we think we can’t then we know we can’t. Choose to eliminate the negative voices and go further and achieve MORE!
  4. Celebrate How Far You’ve Come! You’ve got to learn how to celebrate yourself more. We can become so critical of ourselves and our performance that we walk around in guilt and defeat. Choose to celebrate yourself as you succeed and produce MORE!
  5. PUSH!! Continue to push as you move forward! There’s more to you than meets the eye. You can still make great things happen and the best is still yet to come! You’ve got to push a little harder to obtain your dreams and to make the impossible a reality. Choose to push and make it happen!

As you continue on your journey, know that your efforts aren’t in vain. You can succeed in everything you put your mind to. Choose to produce more than your strength is telling you is possible, and enjoy the victories to come! There’s more to you than meets the eye, so go forward and achieve more!!

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