The Worst Season of You is the REAL You!

Life is bound to take us through cycles. Sometimes we are up, doing fine. We make great connections, and are enjoying the process of life. However, we will have times where we will be tried and things will not line up the way we desire them to. We will enter into different storms, whether emotional, spiritual or academic. However, we must remind ourselves that the storm is a test to us as to what we are really made of, and if what we learned on our mountaintops in life really stuck or not.

Storms will create doubt in who we are and in what we believe in. This is why we must learn to stand still and wait for peace to come into our storm before we act on it. We don’t want to read the storm as the final destiny for our lives. Storms can cause instability, but we must make sure that we are founded on a Rock in our foundation. We must believe our self talk and revisit what we dreamt about in the mountaintop moments.

Don’t throw in the towel in the storm! It is truly showing you what you are truly made of, the real you. Are you all talk, or do you really have true principles that you stand by. What is your personality like? Do you have a temper? Are you truly loyal? Do you really care about others? These questions will surface with the answers that can sometimes give us shocking results once we are in the eye of the storm. But, good news! If you hang in there, greatness will be on the other side! So, let the worst side of you produce a better you, so you can hold your head up when you present the real you to others. Be encouraged!

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