Season for Restoration

I just accomplished another nugget in my overall dream in my life! I just graduated from the University of Florida with a Masters in Educational Leadership!!! YAY!
Thank you for all of my supporters, especially those that have been loyal supporters from day one.

I have plans in my future to walk into the field of administration as a principal sometime hopefully in the near future.

Afterwards, I envision pursuing a doctorate degree, then working in Africa on projects to help the country in multiple ways with community support 🙂

Thanks to everyone for the love and support again. I must say that everyone can achieve great things if they put down all excuses. I can say now that I went from a homeless shelter to a college dorm to a Masters degree by the grace of God and because people believed in me. Thank you to everyone!!

I just wanted to encourage everyone that reads this to get ready for a great work of restoration in your life, along with abundance, favor and increase! Receive it and walk in it 🙂

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