Moving Forward into the New Year! – India White

Moving Forward Into the New Year!

So, many of us can reflect about happenings of this year. There were some phenomenal moments we all shared and some moments that were emotionally traumatic. However, we must continue to move forward into the new year with expectation like never before.

Before you embrace the New Year, do yourself a favor: forgive EVERYONE who mistreated you. Whether that includes people from relationships that you are no longer in,  family, or coworkers; just forgive them. They know not what they do. Some are insecure, struggle with deep seated hatreds, have a cynical outlook in life, and simply battle issues beyond you. You must keep it moving with or without them.

Now, after you’ve forgiven everyone who has hurt you, release yourself from relationships that are just baggage. That could mean people who are always trying to destroy your vision, people who plot divisive tactics against you, and others who never have anything nice to say about you. The extra judgmental people and those who you will never be “good enough” for. Detox yourself from this heavy weight and do not apologize!  Oh, and regarding your haters; make sure you plan nothing but greatness for them in 2019 because they’ll be watching, and they don’t want you to disappoint them. 😊

After you’ve cleansed yourself of the weights and unforgiveness, reflect on people who truly care for you. I mean, the loyal ones that call you every week, pray for you, support your business and career. Find out how you can strengthen and invest in these relationships for 2019. Also, leave room for new people to enter your life. It’s a New Year, so you want to have NEW Opportunities, and that comes with wonderful people!

Once you have depleted yourself of the negativity and have realized who was truly real, now you want to forgive yourself and pat yourself on the back for making it through 2018! The Lord saw fit to keep you here because yes, you still serve purpose! You are a WINNER!

I wish you nothing but the best in 2019! I hope this inspires all of you to win at life and to make it happen in 2019! To those that loved and support my family and I in 2018, I want to say thank you and I love you back!  To all of you: The best is truly yet to come for you! Let’s do this 2019!



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