Let Worship Guide Your Storm!

Life will always be cyclic. We must know that storms are

part of life. However, it is in the storm that we realize our strengths and

weaknesses. We start out strong in our own abilities and fear and anxiety kicks
in as we realize that we are not invincible.

That is when Jesus takes the wheel and his strength is made

perfect in our weakness. We begin to decrease as He begins to increase. As the

storms ride above our head, we hold on to the Lord with faith as the anchor in

our soul. We stand steadfastly on the word of God, as we abound in the work of
the Lord. We look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

As the storms of life, whether financial, emotional,

spiritual, academic, or personal begin to crash against our ship, we can have

faith in the Lord who walks on top of every storm. He will speak and command
the storm to be still in your life!

Sometimes, God is simply saying, Do you trust me when your world is crumbling?
Will you still worship when you cannot trace me?

When we say yes Lord, we are letting go and letting God. We

are releasing the Strong Arm of the Lord of hosts to work! Remember, when the enemy cometh in like a

flood, the Spirit of the Lord SHALL raise up a standard against him. So, continue to trust in God and know that if

you navigate your storm accurately through worship and faith, it will push you

into the destiny God has for you! Change your perspective about the storm, for

the storm is the instrument God is using to get you to the other side in

Your faith and your fate is not in vain! Look up and let
worship guide your storm!

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