Leading While Broken: A Necessity for Leadership

Leading While Broken- By India White

As I wrap up this school year in reflection, I can say that I’ve learned many lessons. I’ve learned how to help others shine and even bring out the best in times of uncertainty. Additionally, I’ve learned to support while being in the background. This year, I truly learned how to serve while being broken.

It is a necessity for upcoming leaders to understand that just because you are a leader doesn’t mean you won’t fall prey to experiencing brokenness. As a leader, one must understand that risks are always involved along with battles seen and unseen. When you’ve been served a season of brokenness, you must learn how to smile through pain and injustice, and hold your head up while tears fall down your face. You get back up and know that you put your life on the line for everyone else. As long as your vision can continue, and others are helped, that’s what matters. You die to your own agenda. You surrender your desires for the betterment of everyone else. You learn to take the humble road and you enjoy eating your humble pie.

Ecclesiastes mentions that “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun.” Hence, every great leader must experience a season of brokenness, humility, and pain. Why? Well, at the end of this road, they will begin to look within and can see what they are really made of. Do they only lead because people pat them on the back? Are they only “in-season” when everything is just right? Or, do they find a way to lead when it hurts, and inspire when they are in the pit?

Life must carry on in spite of the role you play as a leader in society. I can say that this year, I had to shed some big tears while saying goodbye to my mother, and the year prior my father. However, I knew that I had to press on for their legacy. I was broken inside, but I couldn’t end at this chapter. I had to move forward.

I can admit that I had many growth opportunities and learning moments this year as a leader; however, I gave it my ALL. That’s what truly counts, especially when you know you are impacting the future. So, I want to encourage you that if you are in a season of brokenness, keep pressing forward! Give it your all! Ignore the negative thoughts and opinions, and know that you do matter and that you are making a difference! Forgive when it hurts, and move forward in your destiny! You are bigger than the brokenness you are forced to handle. The brokenness is only making you into someone greater. So, smile through the pain and know that one day, you will leap for joy. Press forward and continue to lead while being broken….

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