India’s Inspirations- Continue to Move Forward!

India’s Inspirations- Be Inspired to Move Forward

As I took part in another moving moment with helping raise millions for the at-risk with my participation in a 5k race, I had to sit back and reflect in gratitude. It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself eating a bag of chips as my only source of food for the day from a dollar that I borrowed from a friend as a homeless teenager.  It was during the holiday season that I walked in fear for my life whiphon 157le trying to figure out exactly how I could make it through this time. Fortunately, with a mentor and prayer, I was able to find connections with people who were destined to help me. This brought me to the YMCA homeless shelter where I lived for two years, and then from whence I transferred into the University of Florida.  Why do I tell you about this now that I am an educational/transformational leader? Because this all would not have taken place if I didn’t have the tenacity to move forward.

Sometimes, you will find that you are in situations that seem IMPOSSIBLE to overcome, and you may even wonder if this is going to be the deal that takes you out. Let me encourage you and say that if you continue to find ways to MOVE FORWARD, things will iron out for you. Find people who are for your success. Find ways to be motivated to keep going . Remember grace so that you can go forward in clarity.  Don’t strive with your neighbor; for they just might be the catalyst you’ll need to help you out of your hopeless situation.

Remember that life comes in cycles. So, don’t cash in on this situation and give up all hope. Refuse to see anything different than success for your future. Look up and pay it forward. The best is still yet to come. Speak positively and remind yourself that this too will pass. Be encouraged and stay inspired!

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