As I sit here and think of what I believe is necessary to get anyone through different stages in life, I have to say I’ve resulted to gratefulness being a key. As a newly appointed administrator, I must say that I’ve remained grateful for the opportunity to be trusted by my community to make sound decisions for the learners as a whole.

Not only this, I’m simply grateful for this nation, and how I was given an opportunity to climb out of poverty and become someone through the vestibule of education. I will never stop being grateful for every leader that stood in my life and told me that I could become someone, even when it seemed like they weren’t telling me the truth.

I never thought that my journey from a homeless shelter would lead me into a position as an assistant principal. I guess we’ll never know what can become out of people with a challenging upbringing unless we continue to pour into them like many have invested into me.

I’m so grateful to God and to those that have been supportive. They’ve truly brought out the best in me, and I will do my best to continue to exemplify the best in every way. Gratitude is shown in my efforts and by grace I will be the best administrator possible!

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