Go For What YOU Want: Give Yourself a Chance!

Go For What You Want: Give Yourself A Chance!

Imagine the feeling of wondering mixed with desire and regret all grabbing your gut as you drive down the road. You know that life is FILLED with opportunities to soar, however, you just can’t seem to muster up enough courage to live out your dream.

Well, it’s time for you to go for what you want and give yourself a chance! No more wishing and wondering in darkness and silence. It’s time to muster up that courage and make it happen! Link up with those who are fulfilling the dream you desire and support them. Learn from them and move forward. Don’t look back. Refuse to get stuck in a rut and in the mundane tasks of life. Stop complaining and beating yourself up because you haven’t fulfilled your purpose! One step at a time and you will make it.

With desire, execution, follow through, hard work and passion, you will taste of your victory!

It’s time for you to claim your future and make it happen! Never underestimate who you are and what you have to offer to the world. Never compare yourself and make assumptions that you cannot achieve because of your setbacks and limitations. Instead:

1.Make a Plan!
a.Be specific with what it is that you want. Then, work towards it and let nothing get in your way. Make sure it is realistic and that you have resources that can help you achieve.

2.Execute and Follow Through!
a.Once the goal is set out clearly, go for it! Check up on your progress, and follow through to the end!

3. Don’t Settle For Less than the Plan You’ve Desired!

a. When you get close, you may find that you are growing tired and weary. This is NOT the time to quit! This is time to wipe your brow and know that you are too close to the finish line to settle and quit. Keep moving forward until you can see the results you’ve desired from the beginning.

4.Celebrate the Baby Steps!
a.As you make progress, celebrate! It’s okay to pat yourself on the back from time to time and reward yourself with that smoothie because of all that you’ve accomplished. This will keep the goal fun and sweet!

5.Bask in Victory!
a. Rejoice in victory and don’t be shy about it! You’ve just made success happen for your life! It’s worthy of getting excited about! So, bask in the victory and keep going forward!

Whatever you do, know that you are more than a conqueror and full of potential. Don’t waste it cowering down in a corner of fear and unbelief somewhere. Make it happen! Go and get what you want and give yourself a chance!! Thanks for letting me share!!!

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