Fight to be YOU! – India White

Fight to Be You!

To fight is defined in the dictionary as “take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons.”

In life, we are all forced the deal with various winds that come our way. Sometimes, we must take a hit or two, and can feel defeated and discouraged. This can lead to us growing “cold” or “silent”, choosing to lack a drive or to surrender our passions and desires to the obvious.

As we continue to strive towards success, we have choices to make. We can choose to get up again in the face of doubt and despair, or we can wallow around in thoughts of self-pity and negativity from outside sources.  However, if we are ever going to be who we were called to be, we must strive to be unique. We must fight to be who we were created to be!  Hence, I want to take time and encourage you to FIGHT TO BE YOU! Let’s choose to fight with these components:

F: Face Your Fears! – There is nothing more tormenting than being hindered by fears we cannot see, thoughts that never surface and by people’s opinions! Think about it; how much time have you wasted waiting on people’s opinions to make a decision for you when the entire time you had control over a situation? It’s time to come out from underneath the fear of others, and be YOU! If you were created to shine a light of a new perspective, then SHINE ON! Stop worrying about what others will say or do to you because you choose to be unique! If we were all supposed to be alike, we would have been. However, life has shown us that there is flavor added with diversity and as a result, we all matter and are needed to make success happen! So, face your fears and come out of your shell!

I: Ignore Negative Voices: Choose NOT to listen to negative people, opinions or perspectives about your dreams, desires and passions. Life is too short for you to have your dreams and your uniqueness “bottled up” in someone else’s opinion of what you or your life should be. Consider how much richness you could have in every moment if you just silenced the opinions of people who you’ve given to much mental power to? Imagine how much more you could have accomplished if you would have just followed your gut and excelled the way you know you were made to instead of taking the back seat and coasting? Stop being held hostage by negative people and voices! They did not create you; they do not know the fullness of your destiny. Hence, choose to be YOU! Get your fate out of their hands and back into yours and look up to find the true path and voice of direction for your life!

G: Get Up From Hiding! – So many times, wonderful people are limited and hindered because of others in their circle, failed ideas and dreams. This causes much depression, low self-esteem, frustration and health related issues.  Instead of accepting to embrace less than what God has for you, choose to get up and fight for what He’s called you to have! Stop suppressing your passions and dreams in fear of your adversaries! Choose to come out from hiding and express yourself again! Lift your voice and speak out what you know has been bottled up in you! You never know how your uniqueness will help someone else! Fight to be YOU and get up from hiding!

H: Hang in There– This fight will not always be an easy fight. Sometimes, you will have to give your ALL to have your voice heard. You must not back down until you’ve accomplished your desire and you can be YOU, and walk in your greatest potential. Whenever you are discouraged, hang in there. When someone else tries to knock you back into the cave, get up and fight again!  Find others who can help pull you up! Submit yourself to people who truly love you and want the best for you!  You must not die as a silent voice; we need your creativity, passion and purpose. Fight to be you, and don’t quit until you taste the victory!

T: Take Action! –  Fighting is an action word. You cannot do this sitting back suppressed; you must press your way forward and fight for your print! March towards your uniqueness, and choose to not allow injustice or maltreatment of any kind to dominate you ANYMORE! Stop allowing everyone else to mold you into someone you were never created to be! Emulate the AWESOME version of yourself that you are you were destined to become! Stop sulking in despair and settling for less; fight to be you and SHINE FORTH! This is your season; so go ahead and make it happen!  Win the war that rages within and outside of you!  Use your weapons of positive self-talk and optimism! Fight the desire to believe the lies and negativity that bothers you. Remember, there’s only one of YOU, so be the best you that you can be!

Thanks for allowing me to have a voice in your life! Choose to WIN and FIGHT to be YOU!


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