Cherish Your Morning Routine!

Cherish Your Morning Routine!
Think of a time in which you had a phenomenal day from beginning to the end. Now, think about how your morning went that day. Did you workout? Did you pray, or talk to a loved one? Was meditation the focus of the morning? Well, whatever you did that morning, aim to stick to it! Having a productive routine does more for you than you can imagine! Let’s talk about the benefits of having a morning routine:

1. Helps with Stability
Stability is a desired goal for every home because it brings peace and tranquility. Stability is needed for recultivation and growth. Whenever we embrace stability through routines, we are able expand our mindsets in a world of familiarity in which we can build our capabilities. A morning routine gives us security in which we can control most parts of how we desire to have our day begin.

2. Gets Your Mind Flowing
Whenever we start our mornings with a healthy routine, our minds begin to flow with ideas. We can embrace our “think tank” and plan out our day. In addition, we can control our thought processes and choose to eliminate a mindset that could be toxic for us.

3. Creates Order
There’s a scripture that says, “Let all things be done in decency and in order.” In order to be great in our day, we must start out our day in a great way. Fulfilling that morning routine of working out, eating healthy, meditation, loving your family, writing out your plans, coming up with ideas to please your boss are all great things we can do to start off on the right foot. Yes, there will be days where your routine will not flow smoothly (especially if you have children), but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the effort of having a morning routine. Cherish your routine and build upon it as you continue to climb towards greatness!

4. Good for Your Mood
Starting your day in a good mood is contagious! It’s a blessing to have you around others when you are at 100%. Usually, having a productive and positive morning routine will help you start out at your best and remain at your best. Your good mood will flow and people will gravitate towards you. So, embrace your morning routine and watch people mention how having you around brightens up the room!

5. Helps You Establish Time Management
Having a solid morning routine helps prevent the possibility of you showing up to work and or events late all of the time. In addition, it helps you prioritize what truly matters. In addition, it helps you spend every moment of your day responsibly as you tackle various assignments. Remember, money is time, and you can’t get it back. So, embrace a great morning routine so you can thrive!

If you don’t have a morning routine, please consider getting one. If you’ve slacked on your morning routine, take out a sheet of paper and jot down ways that you can reestablish your morning routine. Maybe you can’t adapt all of it, but you can pick back up some key pieces (i.e. workout, eat an orange, reading a chapter from a book, meditate, etc.). Give yourself the best you’ve got by starting out your day with an excellent morning routine! Thanks for letting me share!

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