You are a Winner!

You are a WINNER!

As we approach the end of 2018, it has become a time of reflection, celebration, and even pondering over rich and sorrowful memories. Reflection of a year can become overwhelming if its not done from the right lenses. Perspective is key in this season, and we must cherish every memory we were allowed to make this year. I want to encourage everyone reading this post that YOU are a WINNER!

That is why you are STILL here today. This is a fact that needs to be celebrated. By the grace and favor of God, you have been a conqueror and an overcomer in every season. Even in your low times and in tough seasons, you did not throw in the towel. Through SETBACKS and all you STILL win! Even when the storm is going rough against us, we are still moving forward as winners!

There is more to you than meets the eye! You have shortchanged yourself at times, thinking that life’s last blow would do you in. However, look at you, still going strong. You are still dreaming, still motivating and still thriving! Many of you have entered your next level and this is to be celebrated!

Remember, the best is yet to come for you. I congratulate you at the end of this year, because you have proven yourself with every promotion, relationship, season, new business, educational degree, marriage, new ministry, and new chapter, that YOU are a winner! Remember, no matter what the weapon is I want you to know that YOU WIN!

So, hold your head up. Rejoice and tilt you head up! It’s time to REJOICE because you are a WINNER!! Take this word of encouragement into 2019 with you! I release you into ALL GREATNESS in your upcoming chapters, and I celebrate the WINNER in you!!

It’s time to get rid of TOXIC voices, NEGATIVE People, and doubts and drama.  Focus on the greatness in you and in God’s strong hand.  Take time in this season to sharpen the gifts God has given you. In addition, cleanse yourself of all bitterness and grudges so you can receive ALL that God has given you!  This is your winning season; You have no choice but to WIN!

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