It’s Time for You to Make it Happen!

Sometimes, it seems like we have all the right tools we need for success. However, we don’t know how to conquer our desired goal. Well, I’m here to tell you that sometimes you just have to make it happen! This is your season to possess everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve!!

Let me share a story with you: In 2005, I can recall being in the Pride of the Sunshine Marching Band at UF (Go Gators!) and was put in a situation as I marched that seemed impossible.  One afternoon, before the football game on a Saturday in the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, we were made to stand in place for at least 10 minutes while Mr. Gale Lemerand was honored with the renaming of the road once called “North South Drive” to his name “Gale Lemerand Drive”.  It was an honorable task for UF to reward him in a wonderful way for his great financial contribution to our university; however, standing there for over 10 minutes at attention in a hot band outfit seemed unbearable. I felt like fainting, falling, and sometimes like taking my saxophone off of my neck and placing it on the ground. Sweat covered our faces, and some of us felt lightheaded because we just performed our pre-game show. It seemed like the moment was getting the best out of us and we hoped that we would not embarrass the band or any representative of the University of Florida by falling out of attention.

This was a light and fun memory I shared, but the principle behind “making it happen” is there. How were we as a band unit able to keep ourselves presented with dignity and respect in spite of how we felt?  Simple: because all of us possessed a mindset to “make it happen.” We had a goal in mind to stand at attention at the command of our band director, and we had to make all of the Gator fans in the audience look good and to feel proud of who we were. That was it. There was no faltering from our goal, and we were determined to exceed it.  Our name was on the line as the Pride of the Sunshine marching band for the Gators, and we had to meet the standard of excellence throughout our entire performance.

Similarly, we must learn to make it happen in our everyday lives with goals for success in new projects, relationships and the dreams we possess. We have to stop canceling our hopes and begin to make it happen. It’s time to bury excuses no matter how hard our goals seem and how tired we feel. We cannot allow our emotions to strip from us our abilities and desires anymore. It’s time to make it happen in the face of all impossibilities!

Here are some keys to help you make it happen!

  1. Set a Goal and Reach it!

    • We need to possess a mindset that says “At all costs, I have to achieve my goal(s).” Many times, we reason within ourselves and even talk ourselves out of being successful at reaching our dreams and finishing goals set before us. We must learn to stop bending on the option of being able to procrastinate and put the goal to the side for a more convenient time. The time is now. So, set the goal and reach it!
  2. Develop a tenacity to achieve your goal!

    • Sometimes we have to go at our goals with a tenacity that will not allow us to settle for anything less than our set expectations. We have to be aggressive and continue to put forth our best efforts until we can tangibly reach our desires! It’s not time to sit back in complacency as time passes and your goals fade away. Refuse to accept this, and go after your goals as if your life depended on it! PURSUE with all you’ve got!
  3. Eliminate Distractions and Excuses!

    • This is one of the biggest causes of why people can’t “make it happen”: excuses and distractions. I’ve heard many times people tell me their dreams and then say, “See India, you don’t understand….if this hadn’t happened to me, or if my schedule wasn’t so tight and if my….” You get it; excuses and distractions. Yes, we must respect our lives and the process we go through because of it; but, we cannot settle beneath the weight of our excuses and distractions. We have to learn how to eliminate unnecessary events, people and deeds that are stopping us from finishing our desired goals. In addition, we must not allow excuses to be a barrier that continues to set us back and have us talk ourselves out of pursuing what we KNOW is attainable.
  4. Track Your Progress!

    • Keeping track of your progress is a guaranteed way to muster up enough motivation to begin your goals and succeed in reaching them, one goal at a time. Whether it’s through keeping a spreadsheet or tracking progress on a sheet of paper or even crossing them off on a calendar, this is a healthy and organized way of moving forward while making it happen.
  5. Celebrate each victory UNTIL you’ve made it happen!

    • You’ve got to develop a routine of celebrating the small victories until you’ve made it happen altogether. This is a positive way to keep the juices flowing as you make it happen. Learn to be your own “cheerleader” and be proud of your accomplishments. The negative talk isn’t helping anyone nowadays. You’ve got too much to do and plenty to conquer, so celebrate along the way!

As I wrap this up, understand this: We are about to step into a New Year (Let’s Go 2017!), and it’s time for you to make it happen! Prepare now, and take this advice and use it in a way that is suitable for your success.  If you need more insight and motivation, check out my website for rich content stemming from my blog, books/ebooks on “How to Overcome Obstacles from Your Past”, inspirational videos and more! I wish you nothing less than the BEST as you succeed! Thanks for letting me share, now let’s make it happen together!!

India White


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