You are NOT Your Position; You’re YOU!

In our society, individuals cannot see beyond their “title” or where there work. They get intoxicated or depressed off of the idea that they are associated with a particular firm, building, or individuals each day. This causes some people to have an alter-ego that makes them seem invincible as their chest sticks out in pride and dignity. However, others feel like they are walking beneath the earth or are simply no greater than the gum on the bottom of someone’s shoe because they’ve been called to serve in a place or with people that is not popular or in demand.

We must all get to a place where we know who we are and what we bring to the table. When we realize who we are, our title will not bring worth to us, it will only validate who we are. Once you know who you are, you won’t hold your head up high as if you are better than others. Additionally, you will not believe reports of those that try to convince you that they are better than you. You are unique and wonderfully made. You are irreplaceable. There really is not any monetary value we can put to one person, for everyone is priceless.

Hence, you are not your position. Your name is not your job description, work location, nor the school you attend for higher education. You are a part of the human race, made for a distinct purpose. You deserve to be treated as if you were gold. You deserve to know that you are loved and adored. There is something about YOU that the world needs and that is why you are still here. The greatness in you will exceed any title that will be put on you, and this is why you must know who YOU are!

It’s time to focus on YOU and know your self-worth. Stop hiding the real YOU behind a title or a building or people you associate with, and accept yourself completely. You will make mistakes. As you continue to inspire and lead others, you will be embarrassed. Maybe you will be falsely accused and ridiculed. All of these experiences are a part of life. However, they do not take away from your value as a person.

So, continue to stand tall in the face of adversity! Let people work hard to “destroy you”; this will only work out for good down the road. Remember there’s an expected end for you. Don’t get nervous because of those that make you feel inferior or try to put out your candle because you “shine” too bright for them. Refuse to settle because of your circumstances. Always reach for the greatness inside of you! We need you to be the best YOU! You are more than a position; you are a thought in creation that cannot be undone. So, shine on, and give the best you’ve got!

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