How To Overcome Obstacles From Your Past With God - Volume 1

Do you find yourself struggling with the same hang-ups? Does depression and despair have its grip on you and you can’t see the victory in your life? Have you tried everything and still seem defeated? Well, it’s time to look up! How to Overcome Obstacles from Your Past  is a book in which hope for insurmountable problems can be found. In Volume 1, you will begin to peel back layers of hope that can help you attain the peace and victory you desire for your destiny. As you read, you will be refreshed and uplifted!

How To Overcome Obstacles From Your Past With God - Volume 2

Have you experienced family hurt or other hardships that are too much to fathom? Do you desire to overcome inner feelings and pains that counseling has tried to fix but has fallen short? Take time to enjoy Volume 2 of How to Overcome Obstacles from Your Past in which the author covers issues that every person can relate to and admit exist. As a homeless teen coming from a family of ten children, India White shares her personal experiences and wisdom on how she managed to overcome envy, isolation and other roadblocks to inner freedom and peace.

How To Overcome Obstacles From Your Past With God - Volume 3

Do you struggle with insecurities or jealousy that is beyond your control? Do you feel like you were robbed of your personal value due to the wrongdoing of others towards you? Are you struggling with offenses and opinions that steal your confidence and leave you in a cloud of misunderstanding? If so, How to Overcome Obstacles from Your Past  Volume 3 is the book for you! Join India White in her journey of overcoming specific obstacles that kept her in misery until she called on God and was released from those obstacles!!

How To Overcome Obstacles From Your Past With God - Volume 4

Jesus said that he came that you might have life and life more abundantly. However, sometimes every believer runs into real life issues and shipwrecked areas in their lives that steal from them everyday value in life. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with sorrow, rejection, or resentment, then this book is here to help you come out of these feelings of defeat. How to Overcome Obstacles from Your Past Volume 4 builds on to the previous Volumes in the author’s attempt to encourage every believer to not give up on their destiny or their God.

How Are You Overcoming Today With God Journal

As a companion to these volumes the author offers separately a special 8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ 200+ page spiral-bound Journal for all your personal notes to help you along your journey. This companion Journal has a beautifully designed cover that compliments this 4-volume set.

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